Level Up Your Game With Kobudo Training and other Weapons!

Acquiring the skill of self-defense is a necessity these days. Our students partake in our formal training program to teach them its advantages in self-defense. With the supervision of our professional instructors, students become masters of their weapons and minds. We apply traditional Kobudo training and today's self-defense situations. Open to students of all ages and grades. 

Learn Martial Arts, Real-World Combat, and Self-Defense Through Weapon Training!

Our students will be immersed in many types of traditional weapon training. More than that, they sow the seeds for lifelong growth and development. Students get engaged in conventional Kobudo weapons and how to use each safely and effectively. Some of our weapons include the Bo, Sai, Tonfa, Nunchaku, Jo and Sword. Along the way, they improve balance, flexibility, and mental focus. Sign up today!